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Bathroom Toilets | Miseno White Elongated Chair Height 2-piece WaterSense Toilet 12-in Rough-In Size (Ada Compliant) SG19078
  • 1000 MAP rating

  • Leisure height bowls are often referred to as chair height, since they mimic the standard sitting height of a chair at 16-3/4 inches; this height is also compliant with ADA standards

  • Miseno uses only the finest porcelain, which is then mixed with a semi-flexible compound; this material is designed to reduce the natural tendency of porcelain to chip, and results in a tough yet beautiful toilet

  • All Miseno toilets are factory flush tested to ensure optimal performance, from its first flush to its last

  • Miseno toilets include an integrated sanitation bar, which is a raised edge that prevents water or waste from seeping under the toilet tank where it becomes difficult to clean (and also becomes a science project)

  • With most toilets you have to buy everything separately, which makes shopping a chore; Miseno includes a molded seat, a decorative tank lever, a wax ring and bolt kit in every box, so it's ready to install when you are

  • In a two-piece toilet design the tank and bowl are separated; this allows for easier installation since the toilet is less cumbersome to move, and it also gives a classic traditional aesthetic to your bathroom

  • Toilet is fully covered under warranty by Miseno for a year after installation

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