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Bathroom Toilet Seats | Brondell Swash select White Elongated Slow-Close Heated Bidet Toilet Seat AO99524
  • Automatic carbon deodorizer keeps the air fresh

  • Warm air dryer drastically reduces the need for wasteful toilet paper

  • Stainless-steel nozzle is resistant to bacteria and more hygienic than plastic

  • Positionable nozzle cleans where it's needed

  • Water pressure is fully adjustable to suit every user's preference

  • Adjustable water temperature for a comfortable wash

  • Continuous heated water doesn't run out like other tank based systems

  • Nozzle oscillation moves back and forth to clean the right area

  • Gentle wash function provides extra comfort for sensitive users

The Brondell Swash DR802 showcases all the advanced features you expect from an electronic bidet toilet seat. Specialized wash settings ensure you get the clean you need, and all with continuous warm water, warm air dryer, and automatic carbon deodorizer. Customize your clean and save your favorite settings with a lite-touch remote. The Brondell Swash select collection delivers comprehensive, advanced features and designer style at our most affordable price point. Upgrade your bathroom experience with an electronic bidet toilet seat that provides a superior clean while saving you money on toilet paper. The Brondell Swash DR802 is our top-tier model in the Swash select collection with wireless remote control, warm air dryer, and automatic carbon deodorizer.

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