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Bathroom Toilet Seats | Bio Bidet White Elongated Slow-Close Heated Bidet Toilet Seat HG17069
  • The LW-1000 electric bidet seat for elongated toilets is easy-to-use, with front and rear wash cycles, oscillating and massaging modes, auto wash, and child's wash

  • The vertically oriented stainless steel nozzle delivers a satisfying wash of warm water, and when finished, you can opt for the warm air-dry

  • Water temperature and pressure are controlled with a side-mounted panel

  • Posterior, feminine, and turbo warm-water washes with pressure control

  • Self-cleaning nozzle allows for easy maintenance and longer life

  • In-bowl night light illuminates the bowl for simple night-time operation

  • Improved water tank heating technology with active ceramic heating coil to increase the duration of your warm water supply

  • The adjustable heated seat is cozy, convenient and easy to operate

The LW-1000 comes with our improved fusion heating technology that will allow you to control the temperature of your wash from start to finish without the water ever going cold! The stainless steel, self-cleaning 3-in-1 nozzle is designed to provide you with the best posterior wash, most comfortable feminine wash, and effective turbo wash. The adjustable water pressure allows you to change from a soft sitz bath, to a more focused turbo wash. The nozzle oscillation feature allows you to hit every spot in-between with the touch of a button! The Bio Bidet LW-1000 is a great way to experience, why we believe water does it better. Join the movement and add clean technology to your home. Simple solutions, smart home, Bio Bidet. An electrical outlet required.

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