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Storage & Organization Storage Bins & Baskets | LocBin 8-Pack 4.125-in W x 3-in H x 7.375-in D Yellow Plastic Stackable Bin UE30125
  • Users can store small tools and loose parts on any size pegboard providing flexibility when mounting and arranging bins individually

  • Easy to install, just lock BinClip onto the pegboard then mount the bin to the BinClip

  • Customize your storage system by using multiple BinClips which can accommodate larger bin sizes

  • BinKits are easily removed to meet changing requirements and cause no damage to the pegboard when repositioned

  • Universally compatible with any plastic hanging bin style or size

  • Ideal for storing small or loose parts

DuraHook BinKit™(s) provide a commercial grade bin storage solution to securely store loose parts and tool accessories on pegboard. BinKits include BinClips that attach and lock to the pegboard and LocBin plastic hanging bins that mount on each BinClip. The revolutionary LocBin is the ideal stacking and hanging pegboard storage solution. Triton LocBin is versatile and sturdy for garage, shop or office storage. When space is tight and things get cluttered, new and innovative storage solutions are needed. Consumers can be confident that once the bins are stacked and interlocked they will remain attached to one another and the contents will not mix, shift or spill. When wall mounted, LocBins will not slide forward or tip, providing safe and convenient access. Organization and storage no longer needs to be a hassle or disaster waiting to happen. The uses of a LocBin are infinite, and customers who turn to them for a storage solution never want to depend on anything else.

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