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Bathroom Shower Systems | WELLFOR Concealed valve showers system Matte Black Built-In Shower System CK94478
  • Constructed from solid brass for durability and reliability

  • With the square rainfall showerhead, this shower system provides you more coverage, more warmth for the shower

  • A hand-held shower enhances flexibility and efficiency, perfect for rinsing or washing loved ones and pets or keeping your tub clean

  • Square handle controls water temperature and flows with ease

  • Pre-embedded box installation technology, easy to install to make your bathroom more concise

  • Standard American NPT 1/2 in. tapered thread, quick and easy installation, compatible with most existing shower systems

Give your muscles a thorough but painless workout with this ceiling mount shower system. A shower can be easy as a task to finish, and it also can be done as enjoyment in your daily life.

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