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Flooring | Rubber-Cal Fine-Rib 0.125-in x 48-in x 96-in Black (Solid Color) Rubber Roll Multipurpose Flooring BX95471
  • Corrugated surface scrapes, cleans, and contains debris and dirt

  • Fine ribbed rubber matting makes for an ideal non-slip flooring application

  • These 4-feet wide protective floor coverings are sold in variable lengths to fit any area

  • Anti-skid mat is ideal for traction and safety in aisle-ways, as an entrance mat, or as a long doormat

  • Lightweight roll of rubber aides in mobility and easy seasonal storage

The Rubber-Cal Corrugated Fine Ribbed Rubber Matting is a 1/8-inch thick protective floor coverings that are available in an assortment of lengths and in a 48-inch width. This ribbed rubber (also known as corrugated rubber) product is a water resistant flooring, ideal for use anywhere were excess moisture may be present. These non-slip mats offer excellent traction with finer grooves and more ribs than other industrial rubber mats. The surface pattern contains fine ribs that help remove any dirt or wetness that could cause slips and falls. Maximizing the amount of dirt and moisture trapped allows the anti-skid mat to endure heavy foot traffic while maintaining a safe environment. These non-slip mats are ideal for use as floor mats for garage or basements, restaurant flooring, outdoor shopping malls, or indoor walkways. Since this is water resistant flooring it will offer traction even when wet. As protective floor coverings, the mats have a fabric-based finish that allows it to remain secured to the floor despite heavy foot traffic. This allows the corrugated rubber mat to stay in place, keeping a layer of protective surfacing between foot-traffic and the subsurface. Existing flooring like wood, laminate, ceramic or carpet can be shielded by using this affordable roll of rubber. These industrial rubber mats, can be installed either permanently or temporarily through the use of a double-sided carpet tape. This ribbed rubber matting is an excellent option in transient applications where matting needs to be deployed in a hurry. Outdoor walkways after a storm or kitchens after a spill are such instances. This lightweight roll of rubber can be rolled up and stored without difficulty. Inherently directing foot traffic, the corrugations on these non-slip mats run lengthwise, providing a safe path on which to walk. Buy a roll that will provide a solution to your problems area today.

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