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Flooring | Rubber-Cal Black 20-in x 20-in x 0.625-in Interlocking Rubber Tile (11-sq ft) (4-Pack) XB55642
  • Non-slip rubber flooring mat maximize grip and safety

  • Corrugated rubber runner mat designed with wider ribs for comfort and easy cleaning

  • A traction mat that will make any business or commercial entryway safer and more secure in wet weather

  • Lengthwise corrugated ribs direct the flow of traffic while providing extra traction

  • 100% synthetic rubber runner mat material is naturally slip resistant and durable

Stuck in a slippery situation? Rubber-Cal's Eco-Drain Interlocking Rubber Tiles can be one of the best eco-friendly flooring options for any area in which constant moisture or slippery surfaces may pose a problem. A thick and durable rubber floor mat, Eco-Drain drainage tiles are specifically designed to keep moisture or standing water from commercial entryways. Instead of allowing moisture to be tracked onto slick floor surfaces, such as tile or linoleum, this eco-friendly flooring allows moisture to drain through the surface of the mat and traps it against the sub-floor. As a result, commercial entryways are kept clean and dry during rainy seasons. Visiting clients and customers will not have to worry about dangerous slips and falls while they are trying to do their shopping! This tough rubber floor mat contributes to the safety of industrial environments as well. Because these drainage tiles measure 5/8-inch thick, they provide some much-needed comfort for workers as well as anti-slip safety. However, in spite of their thickness, these 20-inch x 20-inch are very lightweight and easy to handle. Made from a natural and reclaimed rubber mixture, this eco-friendly flooring product will last longer and provide more comprehensive floor protection over time. Best of all, these interlocking rubber tiles can be easily installed by almost anyone - you don't need to have experience with rubber floor mat installation at all! Rubber-Cal's Eco-Drain Interlocking Rubber Tiles are the investment you need to make. Protect your business and your customers with quality drainage tiles at a great price.

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