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Flooring | QuietWarmth 36-in 120-in Black 240-Volt Underfloor Heating Mat MG55004
  • Use with most floating laminate, engineered wood and floating tile floors

  • Uses an highly-efficient conductive ink technology

  • Disperses an evenly consistent heat throughout the entire floor

  • Will not add extra height to the floor, only 0.016 in. thick

  • Once installed, no need for regular maintenance

  • Easy to install roll out, cut length to fit if needed and run pre-attached wires to a wall thermostat

  • No mortar and no mess

  • Conforms to many floating floor manufacturers requirements

  • Once mats achieve desired temperature, they only turn on when needed, saving you electricity

A gentle electric radiant heat system designed specifically for dry installation under floating wood and laminate floors. A low profile, line voltage system, It features gradual warmth from low wattage resistance heating of ultra-thin, flexible radiant heat film. Installed easily over a subfloor or over an acoustic/insulating underlayment as part of the overall floor assembly, It uses just 12 W per square foot to gently raise the temperature of the floor, conforming to the warranty requirements of many floating floors. The system, which sports an impressive 99% efficiency, includes temperature limiting properties so the film does not overheat. Its available in four convenient rollout mat sizes that will accommodate most any layout. Each mat has wires pre-attached for the ease of installation.

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