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Lawn & Garden Misting Systems & Attachments | Genesis Mister kit 20-ft Low Pressure 200-Sq ft Residential Misting System SE26859
  • Dripper kit system contains 2 high-efficiency mister heads, 20 total feet of tubing, control values, and adapters for spigot

  • Cooling mist and connects directly to water hose

  • Cools environment down by 6 degrees minimally

  • Tool free assembly

The Genesis mister and cooling kit system was created for both gardeners looking for a misting system to help control temperatures inside of greenhouses as well as customers looking for a way to cool down their guests. This kit is designed with 2 high-efficiency misting heads that produce a fine mist of water in a 360 degree area. With easy on/off valves, this system is very easy to customize, to install, and operate. Optimal use in dry and hot environments.

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