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Lighting & Ceiling Fans LED Tube Light Bulbs | GE Direct Wire 59-Watt EQ 96-in Cool White Linear Type B LED Tube Light Bulb PJ16391
  • Pro direct program – Direct to jobsite delivery in 7 days

  • 59 Watt replacement using only 43 Watts (5500 lumens)

  • Cool white light/4000 Kelvin color temperature

  • Saves 88 dollars in energy cost vs. a 59 Watt fluorescent 96in T8 bulb over the bulb's life

  • Rated to last 22 years based on 6 hours per day use

  • Tubes wire directly to line voltage

  • Direct Wire - No ballast needed

  • Suitable for use in indoor damp locations; not for use with dimmers

  • 12 LED bulbs per package

GE's Cool White T8 LED tubes replace 96-inch T8—1-inch diameter—fluorescent bulbs. It is direct wire and does not require a ballast. It’s slim size fits in the same fixtures as traditional 96-inch T8 fluorescent bulbs. Why make the switch to LED? GE's LED tubes are rated to last 50,000 hours. They provide long 16-year life based on six hours use per day, so you’ll replace less often. They use less energy than a 59-Watt T8 with nearly the same light output helping you save money on energy. And, they’re mercury free. Use Cool White T8 LED tubes in basements and garages to provide cool, neutral white light.

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