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Lighting & Ceiling Fans Grow Lights | GE GE LED 9W BR30 GROW FLOWER 4CT - Bulk KC86514
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  • Grow your plants throughout the year: these LED grow lights for indoor plants provide the perfect high-quality, natural light that will allow your indoor garden to bloom and flourish year round

  • Long-lasting: The Grow LED plant light bulb for indoor plants features advanced LED technology that uses only 9 Watts of energy and generates low heat

  • Grow Light bulbs with advanced red spectrum for flowers and fruit: The Grow Light Bulb has a red light spectrum that is perfect for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, flowers, fruit trees and pollinators during their fruiting or flowering growth stage

  • Grow lights for your indoor plants: Now you can grow any variety of plants in your home. The Grow Lights were carefully designed to give your plants the most light with a high output PPF of 15 micromoles per second

  • 25,000 Hours rated life

  • Non-dimmable

  • BR30 (3-3 with 4-inch diameter) shape and size

  • Medium base (E26)

Grow Light LED with advanced red light spectrum for flowers and fruit is designed to fit your plant's growth stage. Grow Light uses an advanced red light spectrum that allows plant pigments to optimize their light harvesting and inspired by best practices used by professional growers. It's designed for mature plants at the fruiting or flowering growth stage. Compared to typical purple grow lights, the light features high PPF, or photosynthetic photon flux, to provide more light for photosynthesis and growth. The white light appears more natural to the human eye, so you can appreciate your plant's beauty and spot pests or discolorations to help keep your plants healthy. Use the advanced red light spectrum with high light plants like tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers at the fruiting or flowering stage of growth.

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