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Lighting & Ceiling Fans Grow Lights | Archipelago Lighting 2 Ft. 2 Light Integrated LED Grow Light, 20W, Selectable Spectrum, Linkable XK77725
  • Maintenance free with no bulbs to replace

  • Easy plug in 5 Ft. cord

  • Linkable up to 10 units

  • Increase yields- quality and quantity

  • Year round growing cycle

  • Home growing perfect for hobbyist

  • Minimal heat production and low energy consumption

  • Easy set up

  • 5 Year limited warranty

The 2Ft. selectable spectrum LED grow light from Archipelago Lighting is specifically tuned to emit the wavelengths of visible light to produce and grow the healthiest plants using only 20W of power. Unlike other brands who use cheap red and blue LEDs that produce a purple hue, we have tuned the light to mimic daylight producing cool white hues. Whether you are starting seedlings, growing herbs, or just maintaining plants brought indoors for winter, this selectable spectrum LED grow light allows the grower to choose the portion of the spectrum most appropriate for the stage of growth. Choose blue spectrum during the plant’s vegetative state to promote root development and stocky plant growth. Toggle to red spectrum for the flowering phase to increase intensity and promote higher yields. This LED grow light is rated for damp locations and is ideal for use with growing vegetables, herbs, plants and flowers. The durable fire-resistant poly construction and shatter resistant lenses will last through years of worry free growing. Give your indoor plants the light they need to grow healthy and strong all year long.

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