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Lawn & Garden Garden Hoses | FLEXON Expandable Hose Kit 3/4-in x 100-ft Light Woven Green Flat Hose HD85544
  • Ultra lightweight, compact and durable

  • 5 piece Garden Hose Kit Includes: 10-pattern Metal Nozzle, Hanging Hook, 3 Rubber Washers, Flexon Expandable Garden Hose, and Storage Bag

  • Flexible fabric construction to prevent kinking and twisting

  • 3/4in diameter with solid brass coupling with a Sturdy on/off valve

  • Protective rubber sleeve at the coupling joint to prevent water leakage

This 5 piece garden hose kit contains all you need to keep your yard and garden hydrated. Flexon’s expandable hose kit comes with a flexible fabric hose plus 4 accessories. The fabric hose is lightweight, compact and durable. The inner tube is constructed with high quality latex material protected by 3750 denier fabric outer jacket. Unlike traditional PVC hose, this fabric hose will not kink or tangle. When fill up with water, the hose can stretch up to 3 times its original length. Once the water is emptied out, the hose will shrink back to its original compact state. The 3/4” solid brass coupling is crush-proof and won’t rust so you can confidently use it every day. The kit also comes with a 10-pattern metal spray nozzle, a storage pouch, a hanging hook, and 3 pieces of replacement washers.

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