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Lighting & Ceiling Fans Emergency Lighting Battery Packs | Lithonia Lighting Nickel Cadmium (Nicd) Emergency Lighting Battery Pack YX58166
  • Sealed, maintenance-free nickel-cadmium battery delivers the 90-minute capacity to emergency lamps

  • 3.6 volts and 900mAh capacity

  • Compatible with Lithonia Lighting emergency lighting units ELM2 LED and EU2C

  • The recommended temperature range is 50 to 104-degrees Fahrenheit, optimum ambient temperature range where the unit will provide capacity for 90 minutes; higher and lower temperatures affect life and capacity

  • Low-voltage disconnect prevents excessively deep discharge that can permanently damage the battery

  • Typical shelf life is 3 years at 77 degrees Fahrenheit with a total typical life of 7 to 9 years

  • Quick connect plug for easy replacement

  • Product is a battery and used as battery back-up in emergency lighting units

  • 1-Year limited warranty

Emergency rechargeable Ni Cad replacement batteries for Lithonia Lighting emergency fixtures only. We don’t recommend using this battery in any other manufacturer's products. We cannot guarantee the charger board in another manufacturer's product will properly charge this Lithonia Lighting battery.

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