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Lawn & Garden Bird & Wildlife | Perky-Pet Squirrel Stumper Green Metal Tube Bird Feeder UG24175
  • Twist-lock lid prevents squirrels from opening the feeder and eating seed

  • Wire barrier keeps squirrels at a distance from the feeding ports

  • Eight feeding ports means there's plenty of room for multiple birds

  • Heavy-duty, powder-coated metal frame stands up to rust and squirrel damage

  • Holds up to 3lb of seed to keep your birds in good supply

  • Clean feeder at least every 2 weeks with a mild soap and water solution

The Perky-Pet Squirrel Stumper Bird Feeder offers a variety of convenient features in one charming package. First, there’s the twist-lock lid, which not only removes for easy filling, but also locks in place so sneaky squirrels can’t easily open the feeder and steal seed from the top. This feeder also boasts a wire metal cage that creates a barrier around the seed reservoir making it harder for squirrels to gain access to the ports. Plus, the sturdy metal is designed to resist squirrel damage and chewing, as well as resist. In addition to its squirrel-resistant features, the Squirrel Stumper is also a favorite of birds. The whopping eight feeding ports spaced evenly around the feeder provide plenty of room for multiple birds to dine at the same time. And with the 3 lb capacity, you won’t have to worry about all those birds emptying your feeder too quickly during peak feeding times. When you do start to run low, the clear seed compartment makes it easy to monitor seed levels, so you know when it’s time to clean and refill.

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