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Lawn & Garden Bird & Wildlife | More Birds Purple Glass Nectar Hummingbird Feeder XM24821
  • Wide opening and flat bottle for easy filling

  • Disassembles into three pieces for easy cleaning

  • Perch ring allows hummingbirds to rest while feeding

  • Polished copper accents on metal basin top with an amethyst, 8-sided glass bottle design featuring hummingbird motifs

  • Holds 20 oz. of nectar

  • Built-in hanger for easy hanging

  • Durable metal base with metal integrated flower ports can be easily disassembled for cleaning

  • Metal hanger is perfect for hanging from a shepherd's hook or a tree in your yard

Hummingbirds are nature’s gems, so attract more hummingbirds to bedeck your backyard with a More Birds® Amethyst Jewel Hummingbird Feeder! This amethyst, vintage 8-sided glass bottle design features elegant hummingbird motifs that add a splash of bygone beauty to your backyard. With polished copper accents, the Amethyst Jewel is built with a durable metal basin cap that includes 5 metal flower feeding ports in polished red. The wide opening and flat bottle make it easy to fill, and the feeder disassembles into three pieces for convenient cleaning. The Amethyst Jewel features a metal perch ring that provides hummingbirds a place to rest while feeding. A built-in hanger is included for easy hanging. With a 20 oz. nectar capacity, the Amethyst Jewel provides plenty of nectar to keep hummingbirds happy and coming back for more!

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